What are GOOD ads?

Pearl shares...

Here is a criterion on what makes an advertisement good. This criterion is based on everything me and my groupmates have learned in our Marketing and Advertising classes in our Integrated Marketing Communication course.

Good advertisements are...

1. Ethical
- It complies with the Advertising Code of Ethics. It does not violate the code. Should not
promote bad behavior or ideals.
2. Comprehensible
- The story gets across consumers and they understand the message
3. Credible
- The advertisement’s message is credible
4. Truthful
- The message of the advertisement is true.
5. Relevant
- The story addresses consumer needs
6. Appealing
- The most ‘subjective’ parameter is liking the advertisement. It is likeable.
7. Unique
- The idea is fresh, unique and has never been done
8. Single-minded
- The ad is focused and is understood by the target audience.
6. Moving
- It should be able to move the mind or heart. It evokes action.

All the ads we've SPANK'd so far...

Here is a list of the Ads we have posted. Feel free to click on the links to view the ad you want to see. Tell us what you think of the ad.


1. Bench Low Rise Jeans
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3. Bayantel Satisfaction Guarrantee Billboard has been SPANK'd
4. Enfakid Lea Commercial
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5. Spice up your Life!
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6. Bingo Biscuits
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7. Frenzy Condoms FX Wraps has been SPANK'd
8. MAX by Revicon
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9. Bench Billboard has been SPANK'd
10. Cathy Valencia Skin Center has been SPANK'd
11. Second Bench Billboard of Ding Dong has been SPANK'd

Dingdong for BENCH is SPANK'd!

Jewelz writes...
Here's another one of Dingdong's BENCH ads along Guadalupe... There are so many oversized billboards showing him. Do you think these billboards promote the value of decency and courtesy when it shows a person in his underwear? SPANK'd!

*taken from: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_BLjSN1u6VWw/R-0LVdBx76I/AAAAAAAAEAQ/n-zPZDv6n1g/s1600-h/dingdong-dantes-bench.jpg

Section 9, states, "Advertising and its practitioners are encouraged to promote the
following additional values:

1. National unity
2. Respect for human dignity and the rights of all
3. Decency and courtesy
4. Respect for religious beliefs, customs and traditions
5. Pride in things Filipino
6. Respects for law and authority
7. Adherence to principles of justice, honesty and fair play
8. Dignity of labor
9. Environmental concern."

This ad definitely does not promote respect for human dignity. If it did, it would not have shown Dingdong only wearing briefs. Instead, he chose to pose and reveal parts of his body which should be kept private. Where is the decency here? I think this ad definitely is a distraction because it reveals everything.

Furthermore, this BENCH ad violates Article IV Section 1 of the Advertising Code of Ethics, Number 4 and 5 which states, "Profanity, obscenity and vulgarity, or presentations which are offensive to contemporary standards of decency of morals, shall not be allowed, even when understood only by a part of the audience." and "Indecent exposure of the human body shall not be allowed. Some exposure of the human body may be allowed in advertisements when in good taste and relevant to the product or service being advertised, the situation being portrayed or the audience being addressed."

I think Bench should think of another strategy to market their underwear. They have been showing too much obscene billboards. It may bring them money for now, but they are degrading the morals of society. We should uphold what is right and true and respect the privacy of others.

*Thanks to MM, one of our readers who suggested that this ad should be SPANK'd!

What do you think?